In the FAQ’s of 1QL you will find some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) of the community about our services and of course the right answers ahead.

Here we go!

Times & deadlines

Some questions regarding the timely and timely delivery or delivery of our products and services.

How long does it take for my premiere to be published on prettyinnoise.de?

Of course, that depends very much on which date was chosen for the launch of your premiere.

At the moment we need a lead time of 5 working days for a premiere. On February 1st, 2019 a video premiere, the premiere date should not be before February 6th, 2019.

With it you can bring the best content for you on pretty level, no matter if song, album or video. necessary optimizations to the content can be made.

Each premiere request undergoes an editorial check, i.e., we were not pleased, will not be published.

How long will my premiere article stay on your site?

If you do not give us an expiration end date, the post will stay on prettyinnoise.de until the page goes offline. But do not panic: we have more desire for another 7 years. ?


Something about the pricing.

Does the use of 1QL cost me anything?

Only when you buy something, such as a product or service, will we charge you something.

We are not interested in exploiting other people, be it financially or emotionally. We are serious about favorable cooperations.

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